Letter to the Editor

To The Editor,


When can you see further? In the daytime or at night?

At night, because you can see the stars light years away.

So in our blackest moments, sometimes an insight is given, which enters within as a ray of light illuminating the human wretchedness.

We live in a little box, with holes in it through which some light filters. We have compartments within the compartments within us - and we protect our egos by sundry defense mechanisms.

It is within the womb of alma mater. Alma Mater is kind and good; she can do no wrong. There is no need, none at all, to go out and shiver in the cold night air.

I guess the above is purple prose. But what I'm saying is that you can't have a good grasp of reality while relying on your status and creature comforts.

Richard Kovac

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