Letter to the Editor


My thesis is that some property has no right to exist. Weapons of mass destruction that can destroy humanity and even the earth have no right to exist. Those who symbolically try to destroy them, and those weapons owned by our government, are true patriots in a demoniacally possessed end-times.

They are better poets than me when they symbolically dent nuclear ballistic weapon nosecones. It reminds me of John Brown's raid at Harper's Ferry. As slavery had to end, so the capacity to destroy humanity must be destroyed. I may not do it myself, but I respect those who have and continue to do this - and get very little, if any media coverage, and serve several years in prison for their protest against what our own government implicitly intends: it has the intent, if necessary, to destroy humanity.

The human race is sacred. Nuclear warheads are not sacred. Each person is sacred. A megaton is not sacred. I'm not arguing against property.

Just lethal property.

As two bishops of Rome have said at the United Nations, "War no more. Never again war."

This is controversial.


It may land me on a subversive list...

Richard Kovac

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