The Tattered Illusions of Power

by Iloilo Marguerite Jones
Copyright October 1, 2008

The tattered veil of illusions used by government to justify its force and fraud frayed significantly in the last few days. Using future earnings of our grandchildren (unless we teach those grandchildren to be non-compliant), those holding the strings of government created a massive liability for each person in this nation, while calling it a step toward financial security. In this nation's history, the illusion of security has inexorably and viciously replaced the truth of individual rights and liberty. Those addicted to power, which is practically synonymous with those drawn to Government, know of nothing else but to rob and enslave productive, peaceful and creative individuals, while holding up government's veil of false security as the reason for their actions.

As more individuals understand this, the illusions created by those craving power become increasingly more tattered, transparent, and incredible. Government wishes us to accept the illusion that property rights are still recognized. Government officials also hope we will adopt the new meme "toxic debt" - as though the concept of debt is somehow a poison that could kill individual humans, or any living thing!

Some people realized they were only renting their homes from government. Even the highly touted capital gains opportunities of home ownership lose their glitter in the face of inflationary fiat currency. Consequently, the benefit of property rights often becomes a liability, as perceived by the individual holder of those illusory rights. People have begun to walk away from debt and renting from government.

Believing the illusions, I would indenture myself to mortgages, property taxes, and licensing, insurance, zoning, special assessments, and all those other bothersome details of pretending that I hold any recognized Propertarian rights to this place I call home. None are recognized under the present government system. Worse yet, I labor to serve this indenture while also having more than half of all I produce stolen directly by government in the form of taxes! Quite the illusion!

The Whiskey Rebels recognized this contradiction a long time ago, and while jurors refused to convict the Whiskey Rebels, government got away with using military force to violate individual rights. Shay's Rebels noticed that contradiction, too. Think about that! Where did we go wrong?

The Whiskey Rebellion resisted the notion that Government should get away with using force to rob the productive individual of her honestly earned property. If a Propertarian owner stands up for that right, Government would do its best to kill or further enslave her. Government no longer recognizes individual rights, although it was this new nation's most exemplary, fundamental, and precious concept.

Well, when it comes to power, rights be damned! By the word power, I mean the belief that the initiation of force, either personally or by proxy, will have any constructive and beneficial effect on resolving any human problem. And thus, you will understand that power-damaged minds believe that one can create a good by the utilization of evil.

By power-damaged, I mean human minds addicted to the concept that violence or its threat can be used to solve problems or to get what they want, with no consequences. Power, as I use it here, is the existing mind-set which relies on the initiation of force to get what one wants.

Rather than protecting individual rights, as was government's only initial reason for existence, government disdains individual rights by employing the mocking superiority of force. This is the inelegant concept of power. Force, that nadir of human communication, became the instrument of communication used by Government. Fear, that most crippling and enervating of all human emotions, became the product of the application of that instrument.

And Government usually gets away with it. Again.

But recently, many individuals have recognized the illusory nature of any protection of individual rights. Therefore, individuals recognize the illusory nature of security. Many have recognized the contradiction demonstrated by that mocking disdain demonstrated as government's use of force.

Yes, government power's veil of illusion is torn mightily this time, and more threads of that veil of illusions have pulled loose from the fabric. Those torn threads fall to the floor of objectivity, obedient to the laws of gravity, logic and common sense. The illusion, my friends who are addicted to power, is failing. Fear does not always work. When we do not fear you, we will not enable your addiction.

Power creates illusions. Power neither creates nor produces anything of good. Only illusions. I can find no differences between the concepts of power and the concepts of government. Can you? This addiction to power must be supported with increasingly more force and fraud.

"Addiction?" you ask.

Yes, addiction. If an individual prefers, for instance, say, cocaine, above family, food, love, learning, or health, would you not consider that individual to manifest the characteristics of an addiction? If an individual suffered from the illusion that cocaine would solve all their problems, induce the perfect sensations, and therefore preferred cocaine to family, food, love, learning, or practice of human ethics, then that individual has an addiction. That individual is an addict. The addict will lie, steal, misrepresent, betray, and abuse those very people whom they have sworn to love, cherish, and protect.

Consider those who hold power: they are addicted to the illusion that more power, expressed as violence, will solve all their problems, induce the perfect sensations, and thus, they prefer power to family, food, love, learning, or the practice of human ethics. Think about that statement carefully. Do you recognize this concept?

To continue the sensations their power-addicted minds have come to consider pleasure and enlightenment, these addicted individuals gradually require more power, just as a cocaine addict gradually requires more cocaine. This increase must be obtained through force or fraud: there is no other way, since power will not, and perhaps cannot, recognize the (Propertarian) individual right of absolute free markets and thus engage in honest trading. Power believes that it can force anything. Power does not recognize rights. Addicts cannot comprehend the rights of others.

And so, power contains a contradiction. That contradiction, as Rand stated beautifully, is that in the final analysis of the concept of the utility of power, one is confronted by the undeniable contradiction: there is no consistently effective way to force the human mind. Government does not solve any problems, but, rather, worsens any situation it approaches, rather like the addict who tries to fix the dripping pipe and ends up flooding the house.

The individual human mind is independent, unique and problem-solving. You cannot force the individual mind. How beautiful that is! As more individual minds become immune to power's use of force, the less effective will be power and its illusions, and thus government, which is merely institutionalized power.

I strongly suggest you remove the value of your mind from the marketplace in such ways that you contribute as little as possible to the support of this government addiction to power.

You will thus become less of a co-dependent or enabler for these power addicts. It will be a kindness to the addicts, and to you, and to me.

It is time to end this toxic addiction to power which is how our government presently functions. And here, I use toxic in its intended usage.

Addictions are toxic, and it is time for government to recover from its present addiction. Yes, it will be a bit painful for those who are power-addicted. But once cured, if they can be cured, the former addicts will be able to function with a healthy respect for reality. And once the addiction is cured, if it can be, we might actually be able to apply some rational solutions to some of our human problems.

Let their power-based illusions fray into shredded threads of no design.

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