Let's Get Healthy

by Robert Cory

There is a lot of excellent health information available that we must know about in order to maintain good health. Through the years it's gradually been learned that it isn't sufficient to ignore important health considerations - and then need to visit a doctor's office when our health fails from our ignorance and carelessness.

The outstanding physician James Howenstine MD, states that he had practiced the usual 'allopathic' kind of medicine for 34 years in both hospital and clinical settings. Then he discovered that the so-called 'alternative' medical techniques are far better, so he now practices alternative medicine in Costa Rica.

Doctor Howenstine's many important papers on health topics can be found on-line. Initially we found approximately 66 papers of his papers at the "News With Views" web site. Once you are reading a paper by Dr. Howenstine, just click on the "Additional Titles" link at the top that page, and it will take you to the index of all his papers. You then only need to click on a title in the index and that paper appears.

To read some excellent cancer fighting information, visit the fine "Cancer Tutor" site. A large amount of cancer fighting information may be read at that site, and all of it is downloadable in the convenient HTML or HTM formats. That site is operated by a mathematics grad who subscribes to the Golden Rule, and the information found there is clear and well organized.

It was especially useful to read that the famed German chemist Johanna Budwig, Ph.D. has advised we need to take a mixture of cottage cheese and flax seed oil regularly - preferably mixed well in a blender. Using that protocol will provide us with the essential fatty acids the body needs for maintaining our health. Dr. Budwig pointed out that unless the flaxseed oil is blended with a protein it's unlikely to be properly absorbed by the body.

Dr. Budwig's advice on how to treat or prevent cancer was challenged in the German courts on several occasions, but those attempts to refute her anti-cancer claims and published scientific results failed abysmally. Dr. Budwig is a highly rated scientist.

A cause of much disease - and of too rapid aging - is stated to be from heavy metals intoxication (poisoning). The burden of toxic metals we all have in us may be greatly reduced by receiving "chelation therapy" with a weak EDTA mixture. Treatment by EDTA chelation is available through "alternative" clinics in the U.S., especially in clinics run by doctors who are members of ACAM - the American College For Advancement In Medicine.

By getting out such metallic toxins, it is possible to slow the too-rapid aging that's caused by excessive inflammation. The ACAM organization has a web site where one can learn which doctors in his or her area are ACAM-qualified doctors. Just type in your ZIP code and print the results that are found. In the case where the better doctors in your state (as in SC) do not want their names publicized as "alternative" ACAM physicians, a toll-free number is provided for getting that information, or you can ask for an e-mail to be sent to you.

The last time we checked the phone number for obtaining information on ACAM-qualified doctors in the patient's home region, that number was 8OO-532-3688.

An excellent handbook on alternative medical techniques is "Alternative Medicine" by the Burton Goldberg Group. Another fine manual that tells about many ways to treat and to prevent illnesses is "Prescription For Nutritional Healing" by Phyllis Balch, CNC, and James Balch, MD. Try to search for these and other good books on the fine ABE.com book selling site. We probably have bought 3O books from ABE - often for only one or two dollars plus three to four dollars for shipping.

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