Letter to the Editor


The question is whether we are accidentally or consciously immoral. There is no doubt that we are immoral. The weapons of mass destruction that we possess (enough to destroy all human life) and our sybaritic existence while almost a billion go to bed hungry, demonstrate it amply. There is no economic justice, and there is no mercy. But are we aware of this, or is it simply that we do not know the facts?

Jesus said, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." Socrates said ignorance was at the heart of evil. But are there those who know the truth and deliberately reject it? These are questions of ethics.

The media gives the dilemma a slight amount of attention, but hunger and killing can be tuned out by the distracted.

Are we conscious hypocrites? What will become of over a billion people without drinking water while we fund the Iraq-Afghanistan war? These thoughts prey on my mind while I peruse our "harmless" entertainments, and I wonder whether we will ever be fully human.

I will not apologize for this sermon.

Richard Kovac

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