Letter to the Editor


"Anything goes."

"One opinion is as good as another - it's all a matter of opinion."

"whatever gets you thru the night."


This misunderstanding is prevalent in our "tolerant", relativistic, and all-permitting society. The kids see it exemplified in their parents and go wild.

These concepts represent a misunderstanding of the nature of freedom and equality. In any sensible world a thing must be what it is, and cannot be the opposite. Krishna is either God or he is not. It cannot be both ways. This could be stated by symbolic logic.

Where there is no concept of the absolute truth, mores degenerate. Adultery and fornication have become television entertainment. Any viewpoint is "true", which is strange, because different viewpoints contradict each other.

Ecumenism is fine. We can search for truth in many ways. But we cannot pretend that what is false is true once its falsity has been uncovered.

Richard Kovac

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