Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor;

We want all the facts to be hammered down like nails in the building we are putting up, our new civilization and relation to the universe. I say that will never happen.

Intrinsic to the basic material of the universe is an elusive element called mystery, and without it nothing functions well. It is a need of our souls.

I know the word "soul" seems quaint to many, who prefer to think of things in stimulus-Organism-Response models or whatnot, or computer analogies, but I can witness to a part of my existence which cannot be limited by such proscriptions - and so can you, if you recall, for you also have a soul. You may simply call it your "self" I suppose.

There is a dimension of existence which is visible to us, and an invisible dimension. The invisible is broader than the visible. Anyone who has looked at The Milky Way on a clear night has glimpsed an emblem of this surpassing beauty.

The truth is more wonderful than even a beautiful woman, and is in fact the author of all beauty. But I don't know how to prove that to you - assuming you want equations - unless you want me to show you the Milky Way and a child starving in Africa.

Richard Kovac

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