Alas, Babylon

by Richard Kovac

The worst put-down the sophisticated can give is often "he is pious" or he is a "religious nut". Now, the sophisticated - including me - have been running things for a long time, and where has it gotten us?

We live in an epoch of rampant adultery (not to mention mere fornication), divorce, and abortion. We are prone to violence, as witness our domestic disputes and the chronic wars in foreign lands. We are a mess. Yet the sophisticated keep up their superficial banter, putting down - regardless of party - anyone who respects morality.

Violence has been tried and failed. We need to try non-violence. (Paraphrasing Martin King.) From experience I know that divorce is a quasi-death. We seem to be unable to take responsibility (live up to our promises) at this time.

Where are we among the tribes? More than a third of our teenagers have viewed hard core pornography. Yet the mediocre George W. Bush just said "the state of the union is strong." Divorces: 1 of 2. Abortions: 1 of 4.

We are, in fact, barbarians and in need of missionaries. It is an illusion (or wishful thinking) to say we are a Christian nation. Like the Roman Empire, we have reached our peak (landing on the moon in l969), and have now become the first nation of lunatics. Our culture is in drastic decline, and the military-industrial complex has no solution. Neither does "The Hollywood Devolution", since entertainment (and food) keep the hoi poloi from rebelling.

But we are mortgaged to other countries, and in his last book Eugene McCarthy stated we may become their colony.

Alas, Babylon?

We may yet intercede for mercy - at which statement the sophisticated will sickeningly sneer.

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