Letter to the Editor


The recent 700 mile $1 billion fence, to be built to keep the Mexicans out of the U.S. is another example of our nations inhospitableness and selfishness. Again the ones who will profit from the building of this fence are the same type of people who profit from the invasion and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. They are the military corporations, such as Boeing, which will get $80 million to find new high-tech ways to catch the illegals.

Our ancestors, the European settlers, took away the land and resources of the Mexicans, killing many of them and forcing them into what is now Mexico. Now when they are trying to return to their original land, they are being denied permission. Those who say they may stay only if they are documented do not understand the thousands of dollars charged by the INS to get the documents, and how long it takes for this to happen. These people need work NOW and do not have money. That is why they are trying to get here, and why they do not have papers. NAFTA and CAFTA have made the countries south of us even poorer, at the expense of a small minority of Americans who get richer and richer off the backs of these poor.

Our ancestors also took away the land and resources of the Native Americans, killing many of them and driving them into the less fertile parts of the land. The U.S. government has yet to follow the Supreme Court ruling which requires it to reimburse the Native Americans for this theft. If we really want to be technical about it, the Native Americans could force us to leave since we are not only illegals but thieves as well. The US spends billions of dollars invading other countries, and trying to keep workers out of the country, when it could be using that money to help the poor of Mexico and elsewhere, and repaying our debts to the Native Americans.

To be truthful, the sign on the Statue of Liberty should not read Welcome the poor and huddled masses, but rather should read Get out! This land is ours alone! No wonder the US is not liked by many.

Don Timmerman

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