Letter to the Editor


The reason for borders is greed. Some Americans believe that no one else should enjoy the U.S. unless they can be exploited. God forbid they should come to our country asking for work that no American will do, to support their families. If they come and ask to stay and work, they are often told that they have no permission. If they come anyway they are considered criminals or illegals, and could be shot when crossing the border. Never mind that the Mexicans had their land taken from them by our forefathers and mothers, killing many of them and driving the rest south to a less fertile land. If anyone should help someone crossing the border he or she is also considered a criminal and could be prosecuted. Our greed has led to much suffering and misery for many people. Some of these Americans still dare to call themselves Christians.

Borders are the reason for wars, hatred, bloodshed and suffering. It is time to remove all borders and allow people the right to live and work where they will. If we renounce our greed and share our plentiful resources with others, we will have a better chance reducing terrorism, and better our chances for peace in the world.

Don Timmerman

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