The Father And The Son

by Greta Olsson

If a four year old white boy survives an Indian attack that wipes out his family and village, and an Indian family adopts him, he may thoroughly learn about and blend nicely into the Indian culture, but he is still a White boy. He is not an Indian even if he comes to look like and act like one,

According to Jewish belief, the mother determines the religion of the child. If a Hindu marries a Jewess, the child will be Jewish - he will not be half Hindu and half Jewish. A Jewess predominates over her husband in the matter of birth. I rather like that idea. But when the father is not a man but God, I'm amazed that no one has questioned Jesus' being Jewish. How can anyone believe that any woman ranks above God? Thinking about this matter I no longer accept that Jesus is half Jewish and half God. God is either part of all religions or none of them.

Mary is not a Goddess nor is she God's wife. At best she was a quick lay, a one night stand, if you please. If she had been Queen of the Jews instead of a carpenter's wife, it might have helped only a fraction of an inch, really not too much. So Jesus was reared by a Jewish family and grew up in a Jewish community. He is still God - he is not a Jew, nor is God a Jew.

The Jews have for two thousand years cried that they are unfairly hated because of the crucifixion, a fact that would make them not responsible. The following is more the case: they truly believe that they are favored by God and are more intelligent than most other people. I'm going to suggest that they consider the following point. If a man at work walked about the place and claimed that the boss really favored him above all else, and that he was better than everyone in the company, he would not be too popular.

Many Jews have told me that they are more intelligent than most other people. I taught many years in a school that was 98% Jewish. I also graduated from that same high school, and I know that the parents backed the teachers: they trained their progeny to respect education. They were a de1ight to work with. Thus it strikes me as odd that these people can't get that some of the stuff that they do doesn't work. For a start they might cut out the nonsense of their own superiority, and that Jesus was Jewish - an obvious sub1iminal warning! Watch out Gentiles. God is Jewish. It amazes me that they haven't been called on this matter before. I think if top philosophers now use C.E. (the Common Era) and B.C.E (Before the Common Era), and have given up A.D. and B.C. to mark time and cater to Jews, the Jews might give up the idea that God is Jewish and that Mary ranks above God.

Does the Editor have the courage to print this article? Hmmm!

Editor's comment...

The empty white space in the newsletter is the primary source of the editor's "courage" to print intellectually stimulating articles. I normally don't comment on articles at variance with my personal views. However, your last sentence provides an opening that is just too enticing to ignore.

A disclaimer is probably in order. I'm not Jewish by faith although I do have at least one "wandering Spanish Jew" appearing in the Danish branch of my family tree a couple of centuries ago. I also haven't studied the Torah to anywhere near the extent I've studied the Koran and Bible. I am by default fairly familiar with the history of the Jews since they have been actively or unwillingly involved one way or another in most of the western world's formative events.

The term is "chosen" not "favored". Unlike most religions, the Jews don't claim that you have to be Jewish in order to please their god. It's my understanding that rather than claiming special privilege, Jews believe they were chosen for special obligations and ordeals - obligations and ordeals that non-Jews are not required to endure in order to please their god. From the Jewish perspective, it's everyone else who most benefits from the Jews being the "chosen people".

Building on your example, there are those favored by the boss, who get the easy jobs and plush offices. Then there are those to whom the boss gives the hard jobs and extra work because he knows that, in spite of their constant complaining, they'll get the work done - and carry the load for those on whom he showers his favors.

If you accept the basic premise of an all powerful god, then it follows that by siring his offspring with a Jewish woman, he intended his child to be born into the Jewish community of the time. If he'd wanted it some other way, he would have made it so - being all powerful after all. The historical Jesus appears to have considered himself a Jew - he certainly wasn't a Christian while he was alive. If he'd been born into one of the other religions of the time - Roman, Greek, Egyptian - he could be the "son of god" and still not know which of dozens of gods was his father. It was fairly common in the mythology for polytheistic gods to abandon their offspring with mortal females to be raised by their mothers. On the other hand, the monotheistic god of the Jews is not claimed to be exclusive to the Jews - the same god is claimed to appear to different peoples in different ways. As such, having fathered a Jewish child doesn't make the monotheistic god Jewish - he just decided to impose yet another onerous job on his "chosen people".

Jewish culture is superior to most other religion-based cultures simply because it was one of the first, and certainly one of the most consistent over time, to honor and encourage scientific knowledge and intellectualism. The success of secular Western Industrial Civilization demonstrates how powerful these concepts can be. As the pampered products of our Industrial Civilization contemptuously discard the secular principles that created their world, the Jews continue to preserve many of these same principles wrapped in their religious beliefs.

Just remaining in place on firm ground gives the appearance of rising to those sinking into the self-inflicted consequences of indolence and ignorance. I expect envy driven antisemitism to increase as the Western world declines - just as we're seeing increasing anti-intellectualism in academia and secular society.

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