Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor;

First, I want to reaffirm my philosophy of "Live and let live". Then I want to add that Kort Patterson's economic views have their place in the economic laboratory which is our global village - altho I wonder if the "little guy" can survive that much free enterprise. We both fear "Holy Mother State", which is corrupt, and as a convinced Catholic, I would add that "Holy Mother Church" is also often corrupt. But our views are not identical.

I think in the June/July issue he shows too much fear of the dilution of American cultural values by new arrivals. Multiculturalism is nothing new. Pennsylvania was once largely German. The Germans were assimilated. The new Spanish-speaking minorities are seeking self-advancement, like previous newcomers, and are not adverse to our core values of freedom, science, and democracy. They will be assimilated. Yes, they will greatly transmogrify the nation. It is estimated that by 2O5O more than half the country will be Black or Hispanic! Assimilate or Perish!

What may transpire, most dangerous to freedom and democracy - and maybe even science - is the rule over the masses of an Aryan elite. This is the worst possible scenario. As far as that goes, I can read and speak a few rudimentary Spanish phrases, and I think Latin culture has intrinsic value. But I don't want to see Anglo-American culture swamped either. We must allow "E pluribus unum" to be the rule - as before. The diversity of American culture, which includes Mormon, Atheist, Baptist, Muslim, and Jew - all hopefully tolerating each other while hoping to convert each other - is one of our core values. So is ethnic diversity.

I'm neutral on the question of whether English should be the only official language. Certainly signs that are bilingual, like mileage postings in metric and English miles, are OK. Spanish-speaking and English speaking peoples will be around for a long time, and we must learn to cooperate on an intra-national and international scale.

Gomez is not against Shakespeare!

Richard Kovac

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