The Genius of Jesus

by Stephan Noble

Here I juxtapose wisdom with genius. I think that even an atheist would not deny the wisdom of Jesus, but what was his genius? Simply, his genius is demonstrated by the fact that he never asked/required anyone to think - he knew better. In fact, thinking is not the purview of bhakti yoga.

The cornorstones of bhakti yoga are faith, devotion and belief - no thinking needed. Now, thinking is the purview/cornerstone of jnana yoga; reason logic and understanding - left brain traits. For me, Jesus was a dyed-in-the-wool jnana yogist but to reach the majority of peoples, he spoke like a bhakti yogist.

Similar to Gautama, he would never speak over anyone's head. How far would Einstein have gotten if he walked into a high school algebra class and simply said, E=mc2.

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