Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor;

In light of the developments in the Schiavo case, I must speak my piece. As a devout Christian, I am greatly disturbed by the following: Our judges and other high government officials, when taking their oaths of office, with one hand placed on the bible, swear before the Almighty God to "uphold, defend and protect the Constitution of the United States..." Then in another vein, they render decisions which are completely opposite and oblivious to what that same God had proclaimed. Seems to me, that hypocrisy is rampant in our society.

In support of the aforementioned, the Holy Bible sets forth the following: "I, Jesus, have sent my angel to testify to you these things concerning the churches... and if anyone shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God will take away his portion from the tree of life, and from..." (Apocalypse 22:16-2O)

God's commandment is, "Thou shall not kill; yet those officials responsible for the extraction of the feeding tube, are committing murder, because Terri Schiavo is alive and is breathing on her own. Since the assertion, on the part of Michael Schiavo, "that Terri has stated in the past that under the present circumstances it was her will to let her die, to be with the Lord." However, there has been evidence submitted which is not in line with those wishes. Therefore, anything that is less than an actual written statement, duly attested to, should not have been the basis for such decision.

It is my firm belief that Terri and the Schindler loved-ones are being made to suffer needlessly and horrendously. In effect, Terri has been having her Constitutional protections and guaranties being denied her.

Where are those duly elected officials, who swore before God and were professing their support of the Supreme Law of land?

Referring once again to Scripture, the apostle, St Paul, in Matthew 5:17-2O, states: "Therefore whomever does away with one of these least commandments... shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven."

In closing I assert that God created ALL THINGS and it is only God who ca1ls us out of this life, and Terri Schiavo is one of us. (Genesis 1:26-28)

Albert L. Maise

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