Poetry by Richard Kovac

"Without My Woman"
As the Song says,
"Lonely days, lonely nights,
what would I do
without my woman?"
I would be "in Mairsport
without Hilda",
in Xanadu with Amelia.
The alienation or labor,
as a blight
existed before anyone
put it into words
or economic terms.
I would be lost
without her.
I would hold her
as Close as my rib,
from which she was taken.

Wildwood, New Jersey
On the beach
of spiral orange peels
stragglers kick empty
beer cans
whose clatter contrasts
with the pounding waves.
The boardwalk is
nearly deserted.
The festival is over
for another year.
The tourists are gone.
Gulls kree-kree above
and express my aloneness,
for I will remain
thru winter,
and may it be
a mild one.

Green Beauty
Mere Beauty is green with envy
at all that money can buy
out of her exquisite wardrobe.
Money, not knowledge,
is power and
we clasp her desperately
in our sweaty palms,
That's why fools run the show,
since beauty and knowledge
are thrust aside, and
we are therefore in the midst
of futile wars besides.

I once bought
a beautiful prostitute
for thirty dollars,
not quite knowing
it was the price
of a man's life.
And if all the blades of grass
were dollar bills
how happy we'd all be.

Automotive Obsolescence
The last Oldsmobile
rolled off
the production line.
The profit had been
marginal, altho the Car
wasn't so bad
But it didn't fit
the image, anymore.
It didn't smack of
modern merchandising
And so it went the way
of Desoto and Studebaker.
Everyone demanded
a Newsmobile.

Oyster Song
The world is a bright oyster
concealing a pearl
to those who love it.
But there is so much pain
involved in opening the oyster
and so many screams of silent fear
from the divers around us,
after all, that joy is gone
from devouring it
and I only choke
and spit it out.

Olive Branch
The armies of peace
always have outnumbered
the armies or war,
but they have
no weapons
and are under-financed.
The rule goes
to the cruel,
so how in the hay
do the meek
inherit the earth
as a good book says?
Maybe by minding their
own business
or garden
while berserk wolves
and leopards
snap at each other.
Aeneas might have dumped
his father's household gods
since these included war.
Be non-aligned.
The meek will win
in time....

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