Letter to the Editor

Dear Kort

I really enjoyed the last issue.

Steve Mason's article was a sigh of relief for a smoker who feared his secondary smoke was killing myriads-me.

Your "Digressions and Diatribes" was interesting reading, and I'll allow that the free enterprise system is viable if it is also humane. Your allusions to Chinese wisdom make it a very well-written piece of work. Your choice of fascinating quotations is great.

Thank you for publishing my poems and articles and letters. Integra itself hasn't room for my prolific output, so I use you and the local newspapers, trying never to repeat material. Your time editing "Port of Call" is valued.

My whole philosophy is that people who don't agree can respect each other. "Leben und leben lassen". "Live and let live."

If we disagree sometimes, so do I have disagreements with some very close friends.

Let us not stifle each other, as Archie Bunker strove to stifle Edith.

peace and good,
Richard Kovac

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