Dear Editor;

I had a dream something like Martin King's or John Lennon's "Imagine". It is a dream that the human race will become one body, one corporate being, unified, and ceasing to prey upon each other.

The apparently useless and superfluous force called religion could be the binding element. Economics, geography, language, history, and culture divide us.

The sophisticated sneer at religion as a superstition. I agree that the caste system and reincarnation are not enlightened. But I think the vision of the monotheistic religions offers some help to mankind.

Religion is here! What are we to make of it? Can it be a positive force in the evolution of man? We need to become enlightened if we are to survive as a species. Doesn't religion offer this "inner light"?

I think even this pragmatic consideration can be the start of the "leap of faith" into true religious consciousness, and which even an atheist would accept as practical.

We see in Jesus the ultimate unifying force of the human race.

"One bread, one body."

Richard Kovac

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