Letter to the Editor


I want to say that I'm glad to be back in Intertel, but that I find the Mensa Bulletin and Intertel publications to be almost irrelevant concerning the main problems of the post-Christian era in Europe and the United States. Let's ask whether one abortion per four pregnancies, with half of them among young white women between nineteen and twenty five, can be explained or expiated. There have been forty million abortions since Roe vs Wade in the United States. This is bound to change our position among the world powers eventually.

Even fifty years ago, divorce was rare. Now the average marriage lasts about five years, and half our marriages end in divorce. It is no longer thought that abortion and divorce are sins. In fact, the concept of sin has gone by the wayside even in the churches some people still attend. The repercussions of divorce are huge for the young, and the new generation is by and large an afflicted generation.

I wonder if I could justify stating that when America decided to become the world's policeman at some time, it became immediately corrupt. I think future generations will look back on our time as we look at the noble Roman women who suckled pet monkeys while infants were exposed to death under the Milvian Bridge. We are a nation in decline, and its end will be dissolution, as it was for the Roman Empire.

Lest you think I'm some kind of rigid family-values Republican (I'm a pro-life Democrat), let me note that we also must face internal and external problems of the redistribution of wealth. With four percent of the world's population, we have over forty percent of the world's wealth. This foments resentment by the wretched of the earth, and causes war and terrorism.

The sky is falling.
These are apocalyptic times.

Richard Kovac

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