Folks:  Get Ready for Crescent Lake Dining!!!!

Monday:  This is Annie's day:  Tentative plan is for ham and salad and cake.
Tuesday: This is Julie's day: Look forward to some chili.
Wednesday: This is Libby's day: stay tuned.
Thursday: This is kids night: macaroni and cheese, cookies, lots of dessert.
Friday: New category: Men's night surprise.  Look forward to hotdogs and buns.
Saturday: Little Vic's night: Gourmet feast, to be announced.
Sunday: Time to pack up and go, and start planning for next year.

Note: All of the above is subject to change, and will change on an almost nightly basis.
PS: Cocktail hour starts at 6:00 Western Daylight Time, and not a minute later.

Don't forget the talent show.  Press here for a preview.

And look at the new  of our last trip.