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I am more-or-less actively researching these surnames:


Nearly all of them are pretty common, so it's a challenge. So is actually doing it.

I've traced our Holmes line back to William Holmes, born in 1760, where I hit a blank wall. He was in Montgomery County, Ohio, in 1800 and probably as late as 1816, but where he came from is still a mystery. Please note: This family tree is not designed to be read on a very small screen.

Transcriptions of wills for William Holmes the Elder and Younger and Marcy Lyon used to be available at Indiana GenWeb, but they've disappeared. You can find them here, now. The Holmes family were early pioneers in Indianapolis, and there is a Holmes Street adjacent to their original property, which they settled on around 1823.

Join the List for researchers of any variant of the Holmes surname (from Holme to Hume, with assorted detours). To subscribe, send email to HOLMES-L-request@rootsweb.com with nothing in the body but the word "subscribe".

There are lists for all of the other surnames too, and for a whole lot of others, as well as county lists, country-of-origin lists and...well, just about any sort of list you'd need to research your ancestors. Go to Rootsweb to get started.

Neil's parents, Neils Christian Marinas Andersen Glad and Lina Hansen, both emigrated to the United States. His father's family is well documented, but not his mother's. I've found the ship she came to the US on, but that's about as far back as I've gone.

Your ancestor's headstone says she lived 92 years 10 months and 13 days, and tells you when she died. Now how do you find out when she was born? It's simple! Use this Birthdate calculator.

Is this new-found relative your third cousin twice removed or your fifth cousin? What's the difference? And does it matter to anyone but another genealogist? Find the answers here. Please Note: the chart is not mobile-friendly.


Five Thousand Ways to Earn a Living

Did you ever wonder what your ancestor REALLY did for a living? Are you looking for a different way for your hero/heroine to earn a living? What does a Barilla Manufacturer build? Does a mangle keeper keep the keys to the local instruments of torture?
Now here's your chance to discover the truth. A delightful British gentleman has compiled hundreds of trades from parish registers and census sheets in England and graciously offered to share it, as long as the whole thing isn't published on the Web.
Go here to see all the trades listed. Please Note: the list is not mobile-friendly.

Write to me and I will provide you with the definition of up to five trades at once.


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