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Mentzelia packardiae
Packard's mentzelia

Mentzelia packardiae Glad (Loasaceae):

found in Leslie Gulch, Malheur County, Oregon; in green rocky soil derived from the Succor Creek formation.
Photos and more information.

Drawing by Judith B. Glad

Mentzelia mollis Peck (Loasaceae):

found in southwestern Idaho and southeastern Oregon, on tuffaceous ash derived from the Succor Creek formation.
More about Mentzelia mollis

Mentzelia mollis
Smooth mentzelia

Mentzelia thompsonii Glad (Loasaceae):

found on gray clay of high desert hills along the Utah-Colorado border.
No picture yet, but I'm looking for one. There are some on the web but they are all herbarium specimens, flat and uninteresting to anyone but another botanist. In the field it could pass for Mentzelia mollis, except it has tiny flowers, and doesn't grow in Oregon.

Sidalcea nelsoniana
Nelson's checkermallow

Sidalcea nelsoniana Piper (Malvaceae):

found in the Willamette Valley and Coast Range in Oregon, extending a little ways northward into the Puget Trough and Coast Range in Washington. It mostly grows in roadside ditches, abandoned fields and pastures, and along the occasional ditchbank.
Here's what Wikipedia says about it.

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