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Idaho Yesteryears

Snowbank Waterfall
Alas, this lovely waterfall is apparently diverted into the power plant at Thousand Springs in the Snake River Canyon. If someone knows any different, I'd love to hear about it.
Boise Barracks
The "new" Fort Boise was established in 1863 near the intersection of the Oregon Trail and the roads to the Boise Basin and Owyhee mining districts, about 50 miles (80 km) east of the original site on the Snake River. The site is now occupied by the Veterans Administration.
St. Teresa's Academy
I went to grade school here. The building is long gone.
Stage to Idaho City
Stage to Idaho City, which is in the Boise Basin, a series of mountain-girt valleys north of Boise. They were the site of a major gold rush in the 1860s, and are still a destination for modern gold seekers. the Boise Basin gold rush is the setting for my book, The Duchess of Ophir Creek.
The Oregon Short Line Depot in Boise
Boise's first passenger depot, possibly around 6th & Myrtle. Before the spur line was built to Boise, the through trains went to Nampa and one had to transfer to a local to reach Boise.
Boise City Hall
The old City Hall in Boise. It's gone now, replaced by a much less interesting structure.
Footbridge across Auger Falls
This spectacular stretch of the Snake River has recently been included in a new a public park combined with a wetland restoration project. It's in the canyon a little way west of the Perrine Bridge.
Diversion Dam
Diversion Dam sends water to Lake Lowell, 40 miles away, through the New York Canal. The canal ran behind the house where I lived in the early 1940s, and was a major source of fascination to all of us kids in the neighborhood. One of my first grade schoolmates drowned in it.
A mill and smelter in the copper Mining District
The Copper Mining District, in Custer County, is apparently no longer called that, and may not be active anymore. Mt. McCaleb, pictured here, stands 11,682 feet (3560 m).
Boise High School
This white building has been there since around 1904. My parents met at Boise High.
Grand Hotel, Boise
Where my Grandmother Wright worked as a hotel maid for many years. I'm not sure of its location, but it was somewhere around 11th and Grove.
Natatorium Interior
This wonderful Moorish-style buiulding was torn down sometime in the early 1930s. I remember the rollercoaster that surrounded the building, but was too young to ride it before it was also torn down. The pool, uncovered by then, was where I didn't learn to swim.
Early Boise Fire Station
I remember this building but am pretty sure the doors were larger then. Even in the 1940s, fire trucks were wider than the old pumpers shown.
Boise Public Library
One of the Carnegie libraries funded by the Carnegie foundation in the early 20th Century. When I was a regular user, the children's department had enormous murals illustrating Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid. I wonder what happened to them.
Trail Creek Pass, Boise
I think this is on the road between the North Fork and the Middle Fork of the Boise River. From what I could see in Google Maps, it's not much different today.
Ada County Hospital
Where the ailing and terminal poor were cared for. An uncle of mine spent some time there. It was on Fairview Avenue, possibly at its intersection with Cole Road.
the Idaho Penitentiary
The Idaho Penitentiary, a place we kids were threatened with if we didn't behave. It's now a museum.
Idaho Street in downtown Boise
The heart of downtown Boise, even now. It sure looks a lot different, though.
Tourist Park, Boise
Now known as Municipal Park. The property where my granmother and great aunt lived was just north of the park, across the railroad tracks. The tracks are gone, replaced by a trail, and the site of the first house I lived in is now a plant nursery.

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