Welcome to Gladhaus

Where all flat surfaces hold books (e- and/or p-), flowers bloom throughout the year, and every datum is loved for itself alone.

I invite you to share some of my hobbies, a few of my passions, and a whole lot of assorted facts and fancies.

Mentzelia packardiae
Where would we be without photosynthesis?
Postcards were the functional ancestors of email.
This one dates to the early 20th Century.
St. Teresa's Academy, where I went to grade school
Twice Victorious cover
I write Romances!

• Unicorn Questing Season is the third week of October.

• Antares (the Heart of The Scorpion) is a red supergiant in the constallation Scorpio.

• A few drops of Tabasco Sauce makes tuna salad tastier.

• It takes 24 oz (about 2/3 kg) of cotton to make a pair of jeans.

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