I am no longer available for tutoring. This is my old page.

"I couldn't have done it without his help. Extremely competent, patient, very aware of finding a person's specific learning style... definitely a rarity in the world of tutors."

- A statistics student (243 and 244 at PSU)


Fillard Spring-Rhyne
Independent Math Tutor
Portland, Oregon

Professional tutor
Over 400 students individually helped

Hello, and thank you for visiting my site! Please call me at 503-777-MATH if you have any questions or would like to schedule a session. (This is my home office line; call between 9am and 9pm, any day of the week.)

Where sessions are held: I hold tutoring sessions in SE Portland. Please call me for details.

Age range: I'm happy to work with students of any age.

Specific areas I've helped students with include: Algebra, fractions, decimals, basic math, arithmetic, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percents, ratio and proportion, probability and statistics, standard deviation, the normal distribution/bell curve, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, trigonometry, functions, compound interest, exponents, logarithms, precalculus, calculus, differentiation, integration, infinite sequences, infinite series, vectors, linear algebra, analytic geometry, abstract algebra, number theory, game theory, elementary education, measurement, unit conversion, pre-algebra, factoring, the quadratic formula, completing the square, FOILing, graphs, rectangular coordinates, polar coordinates, geometry, integrated mathematics, financial mathematics, and preparation for tests such as the SAT, GED, GRE, GMAT, and the Society of Actuaries/Casualty Actuary Society (SOA/CAS) exams. Online courses too.

The above list is not comprehensive, and I'm also very interested in branching out to new areas and trying special projects. Let me know what your needs are and I'll see what I can do.

My qualifications: I've been tutoring professionally for seven years, and my most important qualification is the experience I've gained from that work -- individually helping over 400 different students to understand mathematics. The testimonials on this web site speak to the exceptional quality of my work.

Other qualifications include: I have a B.A. in Mathematics from Carleton College in Minnesota. I've taught SAT preparation courses for the City of Portland and GED preparation courses for Portland Community College (in math, reading, writing, science, and social studies). I'm a member of the Oregon and National Councils of Teachers of Mathematics.

What my students say

"I learned more from Fillard in two weeks than I learned in the entire class."

- Matthew E., introductory college mathematics (Math 111)

"Fillard is honest, diligent, positive, and a good motivator. He tapped into how I learn and taught so I could comprehend. He really, genuinely cares... working with him has been a blessing. I feel confident and am no longer afraid of math in my everyday life."

- A basic math student

"Very patient, knowledgeable, and polite, with a willingness to answer questions in detail."

- Clarence W., algebra (Math 60 and 65)

"Explained the material in easy terms."

- A trigonometry student (Math 112)

"After describing my concerns and desires to Fillard we set out on a deliberate and concise course attacking each area I felt needed to be addressed. He saw to it that we didn't move on until my questions had been answered and I understood."

- James S., basic math and algebra

"Great patience, professional manner, keen sense of humor."

- Terry C., contemporary mathematics (online Math 105 course at Chemeketa Community College)

"I was bogged down in a Ph.D. statistics class when Fillard became my tutor. He immediately showed me how to pick up the ball and get moving again. I found him a genius at explaining complex problems in simple, understandable terms, and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to master the fundamentals of statistical problem solving."

- Bill K., statistics

"Calm, positive, and patient, Fillard quickly determined what steps I needed to take to arrive at the final destination. He had a complete understanding of the material to be covered, and helped me see connections between one part and another; I was always amazed at how logical it all began to look. Working with him was a very enjoyable experience, and I am not a person who previously enjoyed or succeeded at math. An exceptional teacher."

- An elementary education student (Math 221 and 222)

"My grade went from a definite F to a B. Fillard was very professional and patient -- really helped me to understand. Definitely worth the time and money. Definitely."

- Manuel M., algebra (Math 95)

"I was afraid I wouldn't pass, but with Fillard's skillful and patient help I came to understand statistics and its application to my career. I am pleased to recommend him."

- Tim D., statistics (online Math 243 course at PCC); preparing to study nursing

"Fillard has helped me to create understanding out of my confusion. His patience, organizational skills, and different approaches give me confidence and enable me to move forward with my work."

- Danusia B., algebra (Math 60, 65, and 95)

"With Fillard's help, I was able not only to change my C- to a B+, but also to learn a new and better way to think about math."

- Daniel Y., high school precalculus

"An exceptional tutor. Very patient, explains equations and mathematics in a step by step process."

- Chad C., algebra (Math 65)

"Patient, very good at adapting to specific learning abilities. He made me feel comfortable when I did not know how to do something and made it easy for me to say I didn't know. I enjoyed working with Fillard and I will be calling again if I need further help."

- Debbie A., functions (Math 111C)

"Truly a gifted tutor."

- Louie S., functions (Math 111)


The minimum session length is an hour and a half.

Your first 6 hours of tutoring are $100 per hour.
Your next 6 hours are free.
After that, tutoring is $50 per hour.

Sessions that end after 5pm or are held on weekends are charged as if they had lasted an extra half hour.

The 6 free hours expire if they are not used within 6 months of your first tutoring session.

(Since most students prefer sessions of the minimum length -- an hour and a half -- and schedule their sessions during business hours, the typical effect of the above rates is that the first four sessions cost $150 each, the next four sessions are free, and each session after that is $75.)

My guarantee to you

If you attend an entire tutoring session at the agreed-upon time but are not satisfied with the help I've given you, let me know before you leave and I won't charge you.

Please call me at my home office, 503-777-MATH (6284), if you have any questions or would like to schedule a session. (Call between 9am and 9pm, any day of the week.)