The game of Go has been around for thousands of years and is still one of the world's most popular board games. Try it out and decide for yourself whether it's really That Good.

I recommend starting with a shortened (but otherwise completely authentic) version called First Capture Go. Shortening the game bypasses some rules and situations that can be confusing to first-timers. That way you can focus on the basic concepts and cycle quickly through several games.

Here's a PDF with everything you and a friend need to play: First Capture Go

Additional resources

Oregon Go clubs -- http://www.oregongo.org/index.php?tpl=clubs&p=clubs

Play Go online now -- http://gokgs.com/

Go on Wikipedia -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Go_(game)

Links and books for the starting Go player -- http://oregongo.org/index.php?p=starter

The 2012 Portland Go Tournament will be held October 20-21 at Lewis & Clark College. You're welcome to participate regardless of ability level. -- http://college.lclark.edu/student_life/student_organizations/go/events/info/?id=10719