Sample Letter of Declaration


Use the sample below for the format of your Letter of Declaration. This letter MUST BE TYPED. You need to include as much detail as possible about what you will be doing for your science project. Your procedure needs to be VERY DETAILED -- include all the information on what you plan to do.


Type your letter using the words in red EXACTLY as they are written and then add in the details of your own experiment.

Current Date



Mr./Mrs. First and Last Name of Your Science Teacher
Forest Grove High School
1401 Nichols Lane
Forest Grove, OR, 97116


Dear Mr./Mrs. Last Name:


The question (objective) I have chosen to answer for my project is the following:

Does the amount of sunlight a flower gets affect its growth?

I think the results of my experiment (hypothesis) will show that plants grown without sunlight will not be as tall as plants grown with sunlight.


The experiment that I intend to conduct (procedure) will be accomplished as follows: I will obtain seven flowers that are the same height. I will put three flowers in the dark in a cupboard. I will put three more flowers on the shelf where they can obtain sunlight. I will leave one flower on another part of the shelf as a control. I will water the flowers equally and make sure that the temperature inside the cupboard is the same as outside the cupboard. I will record temperature, height of plants and general health of plants daily for one month.


Yours truly,



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