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Current PDX Conditions:

Email-only Accounts

POP Account - $2/month. (must have dialup or DSL service)
A POP email account gives you access to your email through standard email programs; such as Outlook Express, Netscape Messenger, Eudora and many others. A great way to add a second account for a family member who uses the same computer. POP accounts do not allow for dailup access, shell access or personal web space.

Email Aliases - Free.
Email aliases give you the option of having a second address that delivers to your primary Hevanet mailbox. With email programs like Outlook Express, you can configure your email alias to be a second identity.

Stand-alone POP account - $5/month
Accessible through connections other than Hevanet. Includes spam and virus filter. $14/3 months or $23.95/6 months. Click here to sign up.