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Welcome to the Juegos Spanish Teaching Guide

Do you want to teach children Spanish?
Songs and games are fun and effective ways of learning Spanish or any other language quickly!
We believe that teaching and learning spanish should be enjoyable. We have accumlated a list of products and sites that can help you teach children spanish in a fun environment. You can find a Spanish tutor on and check out these categories to keep your lessons fun:"

Movies    Music    Books

And for teachers out there, check out our Spanish Teacher page.

Rosetta Stone is a growing spanish learning tool and you may also want take a look at Rosetta Stone Spanish

Cinco de Mayo
What is Cinco de Mayo? History, facts, celebrations, and more info about Cinco de Mayo.

What is a Pinata?
We tell you what a pinata really is and the idea behind it.

Mexico Flag
Description and information about the Mexican flag

Random Color
Here you can get a random color!
What is Mexican Food?
Mexican food has become part of the American cuisine, but what is Mexican food?

Mexican Corn on the Cob
What is Mexican Corn on the Cob? How to make Mexican Corn on the Cob.

Mexican Rice
What is Mexican Rice? Learn more about our favorite Mexican side dish.

How to cook rice
Step by step instructions on how to cook rice with pictures and illustrations.

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