PDX Synth Gathering Nov 3, 2010

Hi folks, I have reserved the The Cleaners at the Ace Hotel in downtown Portland for Wednesday November 3, 2010, 4PM to 10PM.

This is an open format event, everyone is welcome, synthesizer or not. If you have a synthesizer, bring it to show others. Bring also your own power cord(s). There should be plenty of electrical outlets and tables. There is also a projector available, so if you have visual media, bring a laptop with it to have it displayed on the wall. Consider bringing a pair of headphones instead of or in addition to speakers.

For the moment food and drink will be available next door from the Ace (for a price), but we are not allowed to bring our own. There are also many places to eat nearby.

If at least ten people decide to spend the night at the Ace, then a 10% room rate discount may apply.

Please feel free to post this event to your forum or webpage, etc. I have already been in contact with many people from the PNW and it looks like we are going to have a huge turnout. Arrive early!

Questions and/or concerns please contact me via email.