Last update: Tue 5/22/2012

Rack Planner

A free Java based modular synthesizer planner.

1) A single big window (scrollable) with an infinitely large workspace and a menu at the top.
2) Configuration save and load, stored as xml.
3) Modules stored on disk as zip files containing jpg, details in xml. Make your own modules if you want.
5) Written in Java with local version (not web based).
6) Open source. see github
7) Free. No donations, no guilt.
8) Scale (zoom).
9) Works with any format (euro, Modcan A, Frac, etc.) and any rack.
10) Full rack capture to jpg.
11) Module copy and paste.
Readme is here
BananaPlug has established a collection of resources for Rack Planner here
And a module builder here

Download RackPlanner v1.3

If you already have RackPlanner and you need to upgrade, download RackPlanner.jar here. (Just save the new file over the old one.)

Visit the Rack Planner forum on Muffwiggler