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Virtual Web page & Domain Name Service

Domain Name Service

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Hevanet can register your domain name, and use our dedicated domain server to keep your domain name active and ready to use for e-mail and web service. Hevanet can route your e-mail custom tailored to your requirements. When your company has to provide e-mail to a small number of users, it becomes impractical to invest resources and maintaining your own mail hub. We can arrange transfer of all your company's e-mail to one or many Internet dial-up accounts or store your e-mail for POP, UUCP or SMTP retrieval.  You can have e-mail addresses such as info@yourcompany.com or sales@yourcompany.com. Price is $25/month for domain name service (+$50/setup). The setup fee covers Hevanet's cost of registering your domain name and the monthly fee covers our InterNic service charge and the maintenance of your domain name. 

Virtual Web Page Service
Virtual web page service with Hevanet means that you can have a Web page with an address that reflects your company name or slogan. (Requires domain name service) Hevanet will assign a unique IP (Internet protocol) address so that your URL (Web page address) will look like this: http://www.yourcompany.com which can be accessed by millions of people all over the world. Hevanet's web server allows you to make your company data, product information, prices etc., accessible to potential customers by a click of a mouse button (or a keystroke) from most places on earth.

The price is $20/month for our Virtual Web service (+$50/setup). This assumes you have a domain name with us - see above. The monthly fee includes 10 MB of disk space. Additional space is $1.00/100kb/Month. The setup fee does not include the cost of producing graphics or any HTML programming. Hevanet hosts web pages, we do not design or promote them. For design and marketing, see one of the following:

PHP and SQL now available. Additional charge. Call for details.

In brief, costs for Domain & Virtual Web Site

Domain Name Service       $25
Virtual Web Service       $20
Total per month           $45
One time setup fees      $100
(Includes all Registrar fees)

For fastest service, please fill out our Registration Form.

Commercial Web Pages
There is a  $50.00 setup fee to cover Hevanet's cost of setting up a commercial web space. The setup fee does not include the cost of producing graphics or any HTML programming. Hevanet hosts web pages, however, we do not make them. If you do not want to make your own webpages, check out 3B Web Creations or Elsinore Studios for design. You can, if you wish, learn how and make the web pages yourself. The monthly fee of $20 includes 10 MB of disk space. Additional space is $1.00/100kb/Month.

Personal Web Page
A dial-up subscription or DSL account with Hevanet includes free personal web space (5 MB). The cost of more than 5 MB is $1.00/month/1 MB (The pricing structure for commercial pages is different... see above).

Personal web space is provided so you can learn the basics of HTML and web pages as well as keeping in touch with friends and family. Commercial content is not allowed on your personal web space. (Resumes and Ebay auction pictures are OK).

You can learn about making web pages at many sites on the Internet. Try this Google Search for lots of links. Builder.com is also a good resource. When it comes time to upload your web pages to Hevanet, see our Tech section for instructions. We also recommend using a dedicated FTP program for transferring your files. FTP also works great for those Ebay auction pictures you may want to post. Check our web page for instructions and a free download.

Shopping Cart

Setting up a shopping cart and doing e-commerce for your website need not be difficult. There are many options out there on the Internet, but Hevanet has found one that is extremely easy and simple to set up. Best of all, the basic version is FREE!

Mal's e-commerce

Check out the Mal's e-commerce site and join up, set up and start selling!

Link to Hevanet - If you would like post a "Hosted by Hevanet" link on your personal or commercial web page, you will find instructions and some graphics here.

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