Misson #08 Date 09/10/54
Retribution or Don’t stand close to the contacts.....
Runners - Halo / Dr. Siegfried / Holliday / Sebastian / Pinnicchio / Daniel / Crow / Rock / Buzz
Downtown Henry calls Halo to gather the group and meet a Johnson for a job. Suggests a new runner in town--Crow. Halo, Holiday and the Doctor go to meet the Johnson at Freeway Park. The Johnson turns out to be from Europe (Scottish ?) and works for a company wants us to recover some datachips from Renraku. During the meet, he is assassinated before giving us the full details, but Halo gets his wallet and an optochip. Contact Downtown Henry to see if he can contact the McJohnson's company to see if they want us to continue the run. Henry calls back saying that he is being cased out and to meet him at the Space Needle. The group arrives at the Space Needle and spread out to wait for Downtown. As he pulls into the parking lot, his car explodes, killing the groups fixer. The group immediately convines at Hollidays place and setup searching for Downtown Henry’s place. We find both his living place and business office. Most of the information is legit, but a few items are of interest, but nothing points to what is going on. Regroup at Hollidays and decide that we need to go to ground. We relocate to the Ork underground and begin to compile a list of possible suspects. The list is topped with the Alamos 20K, Aztechnolgy and Mob. The group retires for the night and wakes (09/12/54) to more bad news Captain Grissom of Lone Star was killed during a robbery. However, one of the perps is killed during the robbery and his body is in the morgue. Holliday and the Doctor go to look at the body and see if anything can be learned. Pinnichio gives them a cover story and they take Sebastian and Daniel as backup. Meanwhile Pinnichio has come up with a list of unusual deaths and surviving relatives.

The morgue run turns up the corpse is Ballistic, a shadow-runner, who worked for a group called Cruise’s Runners. A former UCAS Marine with extensive combat training. Also got a list of the other members of Cruise’s Runners, including a rigger who showed up in our Montana adventure. This is later to found out as a red-herring, but looks good at first.

Sebastian recieves a call from his father that he is being watched, but by the time we arrive the suspect is gone. The Black Ford Americar was found to be stolen 3 weeks ago As the group goes to eat, Crow gets a call that his daughter has been kidnapped and the group races to the scene. The kidnappers leave a note with an address at the bottom, which corresponds to the heist of cyberware components 2 months ago. The group spots a drone which is hinted at in the note, which is promptly shot down. Also the first letter of each line in the note spells RENRAKU. This narrows our suspects down Nathen Greenway. Possibly backed by Sampon Sinclair who was related to an Alamos 20K person who died in a firefight with us.

A basic info serach of both suspects reveals that Greenway has lots of nuyen and only works for fun. Sinclair has a lot of financial problems and probably couldn’t afford to go after us. The group gathers and begins an assualt on the location in the note. After a failure to make headway into the building (Rock is killed charging a troll) Halo calls for a conference with the Cruise. Cruise shows us a tape which shows us robbing the security truck and killing the guards. We receive a copy of the tape and they release Crow’s daughter. They were suppose to kill her, but decided that it wasn’t their style. A copy of the tape is sent to Pinnichio who forwards it to a video expert The expert calls back in the morning (09/12/54) shows us how the tape was doctored. Part was filmed with a drone and later spliced at some other location. The morning screamsheet eliminates all further doubt Sinclair is killed in a street brawl and the tenious mob connection has also been severed. Also an inquiry at Lone Star finds that Cap’t Grissom has been handling that murder case (the tape) and that the tape surfaced a week after the incident. It was sent to Greenway by an unknown source, who pulling the strings against us.

With the connection to the faked tape established, one last lead is checked out. The cyberware was dropped at a dock and put aboard a ship called the Ganymeade. It left Tacoma that night and returned a day later, never completing the run to Portland. A search of Shadowland database turns up a crewmember, Iago Shakesphere, who is willing to talk to us. After a bit of financial inducement he reveals that the ship went ten miles out, dumped the cargo and returned. He also gives some details about the operator behind the heist, a hispanic named Jaurez who was working for UCAS. Pinnichio acts on this info immediately.

Meanwhile, the Doctor and Crow pay a visit to Greenway, using the cover of Lone Star officers. Greenway is uncooperative and gives the attitude that the tape is real not faked. He pops off once to many and Crow lays him out, then leaves a message on his terminal. After a brief incident with security on the way out, the two leave and return to the Ork Underground.

Gathering everyone together and regrouping at the Ork Underground, we hear from Pinnichio on the scant info we received from Iago Shakesphere. The Johnson is a man named Simon Jaurez, a special agent for the FBI. He works in the evidence warehouse and has a very nice apartment uptown. The group breaks into his apartment and waits for him to return. When confronted, he admits that the run was a setup and that he was going to use the tape to blackmail us into doing a few runs for him. However, someone gave him a better offer and he turned the tape over to him. He bargins for keeping the nuyen and his life for the name of "Mr Big" plus the original tape. Over the group objections, Halo agrees. Mr Big is Dr. Sirus Arhill (Ivory and Chrome) who survived the attack on us months ago.

Mr Juarez hands over the tape and makes a run for the border. After making a copy of the tape for further use, we send a copy to Lt. Campbell at Lone Star and to Greenway, with a note to him about leaving us alone or we’ll go after his relatives. We include a list of them, along with addresses. Also, Halo recieves a message which reads "Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated" signed G. This gives an indication that Cap’t Grissom is alive and well.

The group begins to plan their attack on Dr. Arhill. The Juzu clinic was shut down about month after our fight with Dr. Arhill. He now is the CEO for Vanguard Industries, which specializes in biological and cybernetic research. Some backing by Aztech, but most of the nuyen came from Arhill. Arhill has had extensive cybernetic replacement and could no longer be magically active. A recon of the Emerson building where Vangaurd Industries is located reveals a number of interesting things.

They occupy floors 15 thru 28 and contain both labs and living quarters. Astral recon is useless. The owners have introduced moss to act as insulation in the building walls, which block astral bodies from entering.

Holliday discovers a service entrance and notices that deliveries are made through there on a frequent basis. A plan is quickly hatched, pose as delivery people and slip in to confront Arhill. A rental truck is procured along with uniforms and Pinnicchio slips us into their system. Halo, the Doctor and Daniel act as carriers with Crow, Holliday and Sebastian acting as guards. We arrive and are directed to the 22nd floor to drop off our delivery. Moving quickly we decide that we need a way find Arhill, so the Doctor goes to use the facilites. He finds a mark in a stall and in a "case of mistaken identity" shakes the man’s hand when he leaves the stall. Using probe he learns the location of Arhill’s office. We influence a guard to let us take our "delivery" to Arhill, courtesy of the doctor. We manage to bull our way through the secratary and past a couple of suits to see Dr. Arhill. The Doctor is surprised to see us, but quickly recovers. Halo resists the first inpulse to b low him away and demands that Arhill end it here and now. Arhill refuses and pulls out a remote, saying that this will kill us and allow him to survive.

The rest of team moves around the room, including covering the bodyguard, who is sitting there. Everything comes to a head when the bodyguard shoots Halo, grazing him in the shoulder. Holliday puts a couple of rounds and Sebastian unloads a mana bolt into the bodyquard, who amazingly is still standing. Arhill goes to push the button as Crow tries to shoot him. The button is pushed, releasing some sort of gas, even though Crow wounds Arhill. Sebastian and Holliday immediately move to break the window to allow the gas to escape. Halo unloads a six-round burst into Arhill, killing him. Doctor Seigfied tells his air elemental to circulate the gas out of the room, buying us time to escape.

The group heads out the door and to the roof, using the stairs. Halo hangs back to cover the elevator and wait for the Doctor. Just as the Doctor passes him, the elevator opens revealing security guards, who Halo promptly removes from the gene pool. Crow and Holliday work their way up the stairs as Sebastian covers the way down Encountering some resistance on the upper floors Holliday and Crow wipe them out and continue up. Halo reaches the stairs with the Doctor, relieves Sebastian and covers the group’s rear. The group eventually reach the roof, where Grease Monkey has set down with a helo to take the group away. Boarding the helo the group leaves just as security reaches the roof.