Denis Wheary began painting stones in 1967.
CarRocks tm started as a children’s art class presented by Erin, Lillian and Denis Wheary at the 2007 Porsche Club of America Parade in Portland, Oregon.  The Whearys provided river rocks, paint brushes, acrylic paints and instruction to 30 kids of all ages, who then painted stones to look like their favorite sports cars.  After two hours of intense artistic activity, a parade in the hotel was conducted, followed by clean up and an awards ceremony in which each participant was awarded first prize: a Porsche cookie.  The painters then took their painted rocks home, but most of the prizes were immediately devoured.
Now hooked on a new hobby, Denis continues to paint rocks.
CarRocks have never been for sale.  Each rock is hand selected, painted, signed, and then given to a fellow enthusiast, with the painter’s gratitude.
LEFT: James Dean in “Little Bastard”,  his 1955 silver Porsche 550 Spyder , the most requested CarRock.  
TOP: Two Porsche CarRocks going round and round.
RIGHT: Pete Brock, Designer of the Cobra Daytona Coupe, photographer and automotive journalist, founder and owner of BRE, with his Daytona Coupe CarRock.  
BOTTOM:  Cindi Lux’s CarRock sits on top of her winning Dodge Viper SRT/10 racecar.