Form for my ThaE class

Questionnaire form for my "This HAS an Explanation" course


Which session will you be coming for?
Circle one:
Session 1
Session 2
If you know the answer, please indicate whether you are going to take the course during the "A" schedule or the "B" schedule.
Circle one:
Schedule "A"
Schedule "B"

Please suggest one or more questions that you would like to have answered in this class. Only questions having to do with math, physics (such as "How do light bulbs work?"), chemistry, computers, outer space or other hard sciences will be considered. No biology questions or non-science questions, please. (Sorry, I cannot do everything -- sigh!) I do not promise I will answer all questions I receive, but the types of questions I get will help determine the shape of the class.


If you wish to, you may send your response to me by E-mail at; please include your real name, and put "TAG SEP" in the subject line so that it will receive the correct attention.

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(Last updated 4/26/99)